Our next Salt course


If you’ve been part of Grace for a while you’ll know we ran our first Salt Course last term. 

We designed a short (6-evening) course to help secular Londoners explore life’s big questions. We didn’t know how well it would be received, but the feedback has been very positive. 

We had about twenty guests doing the course. I asked a couple of them for their feedback:

I found the salt course an interesting and enjoyable event to attend, and a very good place to have a discussion of beliefs and ideas in a friendly environment, where you can speak honestly about what you do or do not believe in. It's great that questions are encouraged and often answered, and you always go away from an event with new ideas and thoughts to think through.” Jamie, Salt Course 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the the course as a whole and found it a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I was fully engaged the whole way through and thought it was a great guide for my thought process. I made some fantastic friends and met some amazing people.” – Leisha, Salt Course 2018

It’s been such a privilege to create a forum for honest dialogue and help some folk explore their questions and doubts about Christianity. 

A number of the participants from the course have joined the church and will go on to join a life group run by Janice and Luke Boardman, where they can continue to ask questions and explore the Christian faith.

We’re now gearing up for our next Salt Course (our plan is to run these 2-3 times per year going forward). 

It will start on Wednesday 30th January and the following 5 Wednesday evenings (the last session is on the 6th March).   

The subjects for the 6 weeks will be: 

  1. Pleasure: Isn’t Christianity repressive? 

  2. Proof: Isn’t faith irrational?

  3. Pain: Why is the world so broken?

  4. Peace: How can I find what I’m looking for? 

  5. Satisfaction: How can I find lasting fulfilment?  

  6. Hope: Is there a future for humanity? 

Each evening we’ll meet at Costa on the Cut, 7.30-9.30pm. We’ll have a meal together, hear a short talk and have a discussion in groups. Our aim is to create a low-pressure environment where anyone can explore their questions and doubts. 

Perhaps you’d like to come on the course yourself. You can sign-up here. 

Or you might have a friend who you think might be interested in the course. The course is designed for all sorts of secular Londoners, from those who are vaguely curious about life’s big questions to those who are outright skeptical towards the Christian faith. 

Feel free to email info@salt.london if you have any questions. 

We look forward to seeing you then!