Evening Service

We’re starting an Evening Service

Over the past few years since Grace London began we have experienced some steady growth as a church which has necessitated moving venues – Coin Street is our third. 

The room we meet in has been fairly full on Sundays in the past few months. This is a wonderful problem to have, but creates limitations as new people continue to visit us each week. 

Therefore, as a leadership team, we are very pleased to be starting our new Evening Service on 28th January at 5.30pm (for a 6pm start). We want to create more space for growth to allow more people to find church family in central London, and we trust that many will come to know Jesus through our church.

Why not move venues again? There are many reasons, but primarily it comes down to three things: (1) We believe that it will serve our people best if we have another service so that we can continue to experience community in a transient city (something made more difficult in a larger, more anonymous gathering); (2) We love our current venue, and it serves us very well; (3) It allows another option for people who prefer to be at church in the evening rather than the morning.

Do continue to pray for us as a church, that we will be empowered by God to share his good news wide and far.