Our society has an ambiguous relationship towards the body. On the one hand, we worship bodies by holding up the photoshopped versions of perfection, then desiring them or desiring to be them. But at the same time we disdain our bodies and those of others, treating them as property that we can use and abuse, and viewing the mind as superior to our flesh.

The Hebrews had a refreshing and countercultural way of understanding our humanity; you don't have a body, you are a body. And your body is a gift – flawed and failing, but part of God’s design.

We're going through a series (beginning Sunday 20th November) that aims to uncover some of the significance of what it means to be a body, to be incarnate. All of this will lead us to the heart of the Christian faith: Why did God become a man? Why did he need a body? And what does this mean for our future, beyond death?

You are welcome to visit, and to explore life through a new lens.