Advance Conference: Leaders That Last

 On the 6th October, we will be going as a church to the Advance Conference and would encourage you to come too. You can book directly with us on ChurchSuite. For more information, please keep reading!

What is Advance?

Advance is the partnership of churches that Grace belongs to, a global movement joining together to advance the gospel through planting and strengthening churches.

Advance is a practical way of describing our partnership, and expresses our primary purpose of taking new ground for the gospel in small towns, suburbs, cities and nations. We are fully committed to this movement, and see this conference as a fantastic opportunity to be encouraged by one another and get to know the churches we work with better.

What is the conference about?

This year, the UK conference is entitled ‘Leaders That Last’ and will be two days of cultivating sustainable and joyful leadership in the church. The Saturday is a day of celebration for all church members and will consist of seminars, sung worship, prayer, and updates on how we are continuing to advance together. PJ Smyth, who is the leader of Advance, will be teaching us on the Saturday. There will also be children’s work provided. 

How can I book?

We would encourage you to come by coach with us, the cost of which is included when you book through our event page. All transportation timings can be found on the event page.

Where is it?

King’s Community Church Southampton have invited us to use their building, and we will travel there together via coach. 

Helpful Information:

To find out more about who makes up Advance, and the shared values of the churches in the movement, you can visit the website.

If you do plan on travelling alone, you can book through the Advance website.