You are warmly invited to our Carol Service!

It is our pleasure to invite you to our Carol Service on 7th December!

What to expect... 

It's going to be informal and relaxed. We're meeting in the pub (as usual). We'll be following a fairly traditional format with carols and readings, followed by some Christmas eats. But don't expect the London Philharmonic... more like Phil with his harmonica.

The details

Make your way to the upstairs room in The Horse & Stables pub on Westminster Bridge Road for 3.30pm to grab a cup  of tea or coffee, and the service will begin shortly after. 


If you have kids, take note: we don't have any other rooms for kids (i.e. no creche), so you'll have to decide if your kids are old enough to enjoy it and follow along. It's easy enough to slip out and go downstairs to the main pub if there are any problems during the service, so don't worry.

If you plan on visiting any other Sundays...

While we usually meet at The Horse & Stables we're mixing it up over the coming weeks as the pub wasn't available. Please check where we are on any given Sunday. The details are here