Appointing Deacons at Grace

You may have heard the old joke about London buses. You wait for ages for one to come along and then two come along at once. Perhaps the same could also be said about leadership announcements at Grace London! Recently we were excited to announce that Luke Boardman will be installed as an elder (i.e. pastor) on the 8th of September. We’re also pleased to announce that we’re appointing deacons for the first time at Grace London this autumn.

Earlier this year as a leadership team we came to the conviction that it was right to appoint a group of men and women as deacons in the church. This felt particularly important as we recognised that, as a leadership team, we were running at maximum capacity and the church is continuing to grow! We spent some time looking at the relevant biblical texts (Acts 6.1–7, Phil 1.1, 1 Timothy 3.8–13) and considered how deacons could supplement the existing leadership structures at Grace.

We understand a deacon to be a servant leader in the church, working with the elders to oversee practical aspects of ministry and service. They are men and women who fulfil the qualifications for deacons, which speak of a clear, sincere faith and a track record of faithful service. They are wise leaders with a recognisable Spirit-filled walk with the Lord. They are proven entities, at home and at church. Some occupy more exclusively practical roles (e.g. finance), some occupy more pastoral roles (e.g. children’s work), and some roles are a blend (e.g. overseeing worship). Some deacons may have no specific role, but serve as the elders need them. As a public leadership role in the church, they serve as a model for faith. Deacons at Grace will assist with finances, legals, safeguarding, pastoral care, caring for those in need and the organisation of our Sunday services. Deacons will serve on an annual basis and be reappointed each year, by the elders, with the church’s acceptance.

It goes without saying but we’re very grateful for everyone who serves at the church, for those who help to lead our Sunday service teams, and for our incredible life group leaders. As I spoke about a couple of weeks ago, each member of the body of Christ (i.e. each of us who follow Christ) has been gifted to strengthen and encourage the rest of the church. It’s great to see those gifts being put to use!