You are very welcome to come to our morning service at 11am or our evening service at 5pm. We run a free cafe for 30 minutes before each service, giving you the opportunity to get to know people, so you are welcome to show up at 10.30am or 4.30pm.

We look forward to meeting you.

If you have children, we run a small crèche during the morning service for children under five. You are welcome to leave your children in the crèche, or stay with them. 

The service is streamed to wireless headphones for parents with babies, who might want to listen in from the foyer while the child settles. If you would like to make use of this, please try to let us know in advance by email.


Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre
108 Stamford Street
London, SE1 9NH

Life Groups

Besides our Sunday meetings, we also meet midweek in homes. We have dinner, a discussion based on the Bible, and plenty of time to get to know one another. These are often the best times to grow in deeper friendship with others, and we encourage everyone who is interested in joining the church to come along and try a group.

If you would like to come, please just drop us an email.

You can also find more information, including a map of where the groups meet, on this page.