Our volunteer teams are essential in enabling Sundays to run smoothly, and they do an amazing job at it. However, Grace is only continuing to grow and our teams need more people! 

We are all called to serve and to use our gifts within church as well as outside of it, so we really encourage you to join a volunteer team if you have not yet done so.

Part of being a healthy and thriving local church family is being actively involved. Take a minute to look through the volunteer teams below and we're sure you'll find an area in which to shine!

What does it mean to serve?


Community Life

Community Life is the name of our welcome team, who are invaluable within church community. They extend the personality and heart of Jesus every Sunday in welcoming newcomers and regular attenders, helping them connect and integrate with church life. Especially in a city like London, which can feel so isolating, the role helps create a friendly and helpful environment to maintain fellowship within the church.

Great for you if...

You love meeting new people, or are looking to challenge yourself in the area of hospitality. 



The kids work team serve families on a Sunday morning by freeing up parents to worship in the main service, while they run activities including worship, games and teaching for the children. This team of volunteers are so vital in engaging children with the Bible’s big story of God’s loving grace. We love kids and know they are an important part of God’s family, so we want them to play a part in the life of this church.

Great for you if...

You love holding babies, or have a desire to connect kids with their creator. The team would love to have you join.



Jesus loved to meet with people over food, and he extends the delight of hospitality to us as the heart of community. We love to bless people on Sundays with tea, coffee and delicious treats and it is the hospitality team who makes that happen. There is both a baking rota, and a core team who make and replenish the hot and cold drinks before and after the service. Sounds like your cup of tea? 

Great for you if...

You love being hospitable, or you have a passion for baking. 

More teams below



The tech team are crucial in making Sundays happen. They assist the worship teams and the teaching in ensuring the sound and visuals flow smoothly and with clarity, which enables the gospel message to be more effectively brought. They are also responsible for the recording of the message brought on a Sunday, which is in turn used as a resource on our website. If you’re good with technology, or fascinated by audio and visuals, then the tech team would love to have you serve with them.

Great for you if...

You notice when the song words are wrong on the screen during sung worship and have an eye for detail!



The venue team are the people present before the service starts, and those still there after it has ended, in order to maintain a space for worship which is safe and comfortable, as well as able to facilitate everybody who attends a service. Dedication and flexibility are great assets for members of the venue team, and roles range from setting out chairs to getting creative with interior decor. This team also has the opportunity to serve at our mid-week events. 

Great for you if...

You are dedicated, flexible and hard working We'd love to hear from you if so.


Weekday Hospitality

Lots of our events- such as our Salt course and Salt live- take place midweek, and are great opportunities for people who don’t usually attend on a Sunday to engage with church community. As such, we love to extend hospitality at these events in the form of food and drinks, which are provided and served by our Weekday Hospitality team. If you enjoy coming to these events, or know you have time to spare in the evenings, this team would really value your help.

Great for you if...

You love being hospitable and you have spare time on weekday evenings, please get in touch if so.

Ready to serve?

Please email us if you would like to find out more or come and grab someone from the leadership team any Sunday.

If you are ready to help serve at Grace, please fill in our volunteer form